Beauty lies in the eye of beholder, but the “holder” can definitely make a great difference. You don’t need to have “ramp-ready” dimensions to flaunt that daring dress which you avoid wearing due to self-consciousness. All you need is the right foundation to look the real gorgeous that you are and which you have been hiding till now. Here are certain tips for you to choose the perfect plus size bra for you.


Tip #1: Know your measurement.

As per studies, 80% of female wear wrong sized inner wears. Before you go out to buy your next bra, make sure that you know your correct bra size. How to do that? Take out a measuring tape and follow the instructions given in LovzMe Fit Calculator. It’s simple!


Tip #2: Fabric.

Big girls sweat more than what the world can expect. So, choosing the fabric becomes way more important for you. Go for “cotton” or “micro-fabric”. These fabric are breathable, they dry sooner, and are perfect for everyday wear in India’s weather.

Tip #3: Know the Bra style.

Market is flooded with various styles of bras. But, not every style can choose everyone. You need to know the style that suits you based upon the type of bust that you have.

  • Not every plus size lady is busty. Most of them have smaller cup measurement in comparison to their waist band measurement. If that is the case with you, choose a bra that’s padded to give you a fuller look. And if you have wider hip, it will help you in getting closer to the glorious hour glass shape.
  • If you are a busty woman, that is if you have fuller bust, then your focus should be on the waist band. Choose the waist band that’s broad enough to provide you with the support that your bust needs.
    If you want, you can also buy a minimizer bra to make your bust look smaller.
  • Remember, going for those sexy lacy bras or push-up bras on special occasions is always a big yes for all of us! Don’t ignore them.

Broader Waistband will give you the support that you need.

Wide shoulder straps will not only give you support over the shoulder but also towards the side.

Tip #4: Choose Shoulder Straps carefully.

We usually put so much focus on cups that we totally ignore that the most important component of a bra is its shoulder strap. Even though thinner bra straps look more feminine and sexy, but they are not good enough to give you the proper support that you need to carry your day with comfort. Make sure that the shoulder strap of your bra is broad enough to give you the proper support and lift.

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Note: “We Love” would be listing the tips for plus size panties soon.

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