Beauty lies in the eye of beholder, but the “holder” can definitely make a great difference. You don’t need to have “ramp-ready” dimensions to flaunt that daring dress which you avoid wearing due to self-consciousness. All you need is the right foundation to look the real gorgeous that you are and which you have been hiding till now. Here are certain tips for you to choose the perfect plus size panty for you.

Tip #1: Know your Size.

You wouldn’t want to look bulgy or baggy because of wrong choice of panty! A panty that’s big in size may look comfortable to you, but it can make you look bigger than what you really are, on the other hand, panty that is too tight may make you look bulgy. Another painful problem that ill-fitted panties may lead to is chaffing of inner thighs, which big girls face anyways.
So, before you go out to buy your next panty, make sure that you know your correct panty size. How to do that? Take out a measuring tape and measure your waist and the fullest part of your hip. This will help in analysing your correct panty size.


Tip #2: Fabric.

India is hot, and you sweat a lot, moreover, you wouldn’t want itchy skin down there. Just like wrong size, wrong fabric also leads to chaffing of inner thighs. Make sure you choose a fabric that’s soft on skin and is also breathable. Cotton is the perfect choice for panties. You can also try micro-fabric panties.


Tip #3: Know your panty style.

Market is filled with various styles of panties, but not every styles suits every female. Make sure the panty that you choose suits your body type and your outer wear the best. If you prefer comfort, go for boxer style panties, you can choose a high waist panty if you want to reduce the appearance of bulges around your belly area.

Image source: Bella Collection.

Tip #4: Go seamless.

Seamless panties are more flexible and give you more freedom for easy movements. It’s also a suggested trend because it goes invisible beneath your clothing and doesn’t give panty lines on your body hugging dress, jeans or leggings.

Tip #5: Make your curves smooth.

Shapewear have become a very important piece of innerwear which no woman should avoid. It gives you the confidence of wearing whatever you like by smoothening your curves. Make sure you wear a nice shapewear with your clothes to look the best version of you. To know how to choose Shapewears, read our previous post dedicated to shapewear: Secrets to look good in a shapewear.

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