In past few years, we all have witnessed a change in everyday fashion. Body hugging cloths have become a favourite of not just celebrities but also of most of the girls. These cloths make a female’s body more appealing by highlighting the curves. But as beautiful as these cloths may look, a slight mistake while wearing tem can kill the whole look. Choosing right undergarments for these cloths is the biggest challenge for ladies. Regular undergarments can create unwanted lines and draw people’s attention towards you for all wrong reasons. And this is where seamless undergarments come in picture.

But now the question comes, how to choose the perfect seamless undergarment for your favourite dress? Don’t worry! LovzMe is here to guide you with it.

Why seamless undergarments should be worn?

The advantages of wearing seamless undergarments, including bras and underwear, are plenty. These undercloths do what usual undergarments can’t do. Seamless cloths go completely invisible under even your tightest of dress. If you wear usual undergarments, you will have the risk of having undergarment outlines shown through the tight cloths.

Importance of Size.

Wearing seamless undergarments wouldn’t magically solve your problem of annoying seams. Wearing right size seamless undergarments is something that you should be caring about. A bra too tight can create back or side bulges that may draw unwanted attention towards you. Same goes for panties, a tight or loose panty may not only make it uncomfortable, but will also kill the look. Be sure about the size of undergarments before you buy them.

For measuring bra size, use LovzMe fit calculator.

For measuring the right size of panty, measure your waist and the fullest part of hip. You will be able to determine the right size of panty for you.

Style of underwear.

Just like regular underwear, there are numerous styles of seamless underwears too. Your style of underwear will be dependent upon your needs. One can choose a seamless g-string or a seamless boy shorts, depending upon her comfort level. The image will help you in understanding the different styles.

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Wearing a wrong colour of seamless undergarment under your cloths and ruin the purpose of seamless inner wears whole together. The colour of your outer cloths and your innerwear should be as close as possible.

With the rise of sheer clothing trend, the importance of matching colours of inner and outwear has increased multi-folds. Many females feel that white undergarments do a magic work under each type of clothing, and this is a big myth. A lady should always have a pair of nude coloured undergarments in her lingerie collection, so that she doesn’t have to worry about buying a new pair of lingerie every time she buys a sheer dress in unique colour.

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The bottom line is that every female must have at least on pair of seamless undergarments in her closet. It not just saves her from unwanted panty or bra lines and unwanted bulges, but also adds on to her fashion sense.

Happy Shopping.