With the end of year, comes a season of various events that you would never want to miss. But a wrong choice of lingerie can hamper your party mood. Let’s see how you can style your dresses with the right set of lingerie so that you can enjoy your parties carefree. 

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Lingerie with low back dress: Like to show some extra skin, but not sure about how to compliment it with the lingerie? Relax, the market, both online & offline is filled with various stylish backless bras. Some come with stick-on cups and some with transparent straps in the back. We recommend you to go for the later one, because bras with stick-on features fail to provide the support and coverage that we usually need to enjoy our parties tension-free.

Lingerie with something clingy: Body hugging dresses are so in fashion these days. From celebrities to girls next door, everyone seems to love this trend. But choosing lingerie for it gets really a difficult task. Any little mistake can give you ugly bumpy, bulgy look. So with your body-hugging dress, make sure that your wear a nice seamless shapewear. You will choose your shapewear based upon the style of your dress. To know more about how to choose shapewear for different dresses, read our previous post dedicated solely for shapewears – “Secrets to look good in a shapewear.”

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Lingerie under sheer fabric: If you are wearing a sexy sheer piece of clothing, make sure your lingerie beneath it doesn’t create an ugly look. Get yourself a comfortable camisole that’s close to the colour of your outfit, and if such colour isn’t available, remember, black is something that goes with everything.
If you don’t want to cover it all up, then you can wear a nice pair of bralette beneath it. A bralette is something that, if chosen in right color, will increase the beauty of your outerwear.

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So here is your guide as per the dresses that are in latest trend. Enjoy!