So you want to gift lingerie to her but you don’t know how to choose it without seeming like a creep checking out g-string at lingerie store. Buying lingerie can look a task to you, but in reality, it’s not as difficult as you perceive it to be, and remember, the joy of seeing her in the pair bought by you will be worth it. Let us tell you how to choose the right lingerie for her.


The most basic thing is the size. You first need to know her size. If you are already aware of it, then amazing. You are good to go! But if you don’t, then don’t worry. A little bit of sneak peek in her wardrobe isn’t wrong. Check out at least 3 bras and panties to figure out what size she wears. This will make your job a lot easier.

  • Who doesn’t like to see her girl in lingerie? But, while buying something for her, think more about her than yourself. Get her something that’s not just good to look, but is also comfortable for her.
  • Pick something that reflects her as an individual. Don’t just buy the basic push-ups or padded lingerie. Think what design or style suits her best. But if you are not able to figure out her style, get her something that you would like to see her in. But, this should be your second option if you really want to make your lady happy with the gift.
  • Be very specific while choosing colour for her. Notice what colours flatter her the most. And if you are not able to zero down on one specific colour, then don’t worry, a pair of black lingerie is always a good go-go. It suits everyone, irrespective of their skin tone or body shape.
  • Try to buy a lingerie set, but if you want to buy bra & panty individually, make sure that the colours of both the articles match. You can only imagine the level of confidence that matching lingerie will bring to your girl!
  • The last but the most helpful tip is: Buy online. It not only saves you money and time but it also helps you in avoiding the awkwardness of explaining what you want for your girl to a complete stranger. Click here to explore wide range of lingerie sets for her.

Have a question? Post it in comments and we will answer them in our upcoming blogs. Happy Shopping.

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