Getting the first bra is an important milestone in a girl’s life. But it becomes a mystery to choose the right one for those initial years when her womanhood is still blooming.

There are certain things that you should be keeping in mind while choosing your or your’s daughter’s first bra.

  1. Fabric: Since this is her first experience with bra, you should be very cautious while choosing the fabric of it. The market is filled with various trendy, sexy and beautiful fabrics like lace, silk, net etc. BUT, for initial years, choose only cotton! Cotton is a natural fabric that suits everyone. The chances of being allergic to it are close to zero. Hence it becomes the perfect fit for someone who is getting introduced to the world of lingerie.
  2. Pre-shaped: Pre-shaped bras will not only give her a full-day of comfort, but it also gives a fuller look to the bust while it grows to its original shape. They also reduce the unnecessary bounces that may happen during these highly active phase of her life.
  3. Seamless: This is the time when girls are usually very conscious about their looks, so you wouldn’t want to get her anything that makes her conscious. The best pick right now would be a seamless bra that gets invisible inside her cloths and help her feel light and free.

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