Your honeymoon is going to be the best trip of your lifetime. This is the time when you really get to know your life partner. The intimacy that you both will have during this trip will form the base of the intimate moments that you are going to have in future. So, you should be prepared for this special trip. We are sure you have already packed that sexy lacy, satin lingerie packed for upcoming special moments. But that’s not sufficient! You need more!
Make a checklist to be sure that you have following items in your lingerie bag before you step out for honeymoon.

1.Bralette: A lacy bralette is a must for you to have that sexy look. The best thing about bralettes is that you can wear as a bra, as a crop top or can make it tease your husband beneath an open button down shirt. Match it with cool skirt or denim shorts, and hawaian sleepers.

You can also wear it with a classy panty on the days when you don’t want to step out of your hotel room. 

Our pick: Aaina Avlone Womens Royal Blue. It is so classy that it can easily be used as a bralette. Buy Here.

Our pick: Inner Sense Cotten panty. Buy here

2. A cute night dress: When we think of a night dress for honeymoon, the first thing that comes to our mind is for sure a babydoll. Its definitely a must have, BUT, you can’t wear those sexy lingerie all the time. You need a cute nighty too in your luggage for the days when you want to keep it simple.

3. Camisole:

A Camisole is a must have on your honeymoon. It gives you so many fashion options that you cannot imagine. You can wear it as a top, beneath a button down shirt. You can wear it as a night dress, as a casual wear by matching it with a skirt or shorts or even your favorite denim. And not to mention, camisoles are one of the most comfortable piece of clothing that humans have ever made.

Our pick: C9 brown camisole. Buy here.

Our pick: Mystere Paris Shorts. Buy here.

4. Babydoll:

As mentioned earlier, your honeymoon packing can’t be considered perfect unless you have a sexy babydoll in it.

Our pick: Sona babydoll. Buy here.

Happy Shopping!