If you are yet to experience the magic called shapewear, be ready to get your mind blown. It is like someone has taken an iron and smoothed out all your insecurities that you carry around your body. It works so miraculously, that even the style icon & the former first lady of USA Michelle Obama wears it proudly.

But how to know if the shapewear that you are planning to get is the one truly made for you?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you.


Stay true to your size:

A common mistake done by most women is buying a size which is too small, thinking that it will make them look extra thin. It causes bulges and ripples and instead of making you look thinner, it may make you look fat. So stay true to your size. Buy the one that gives you sleek look without making you struggle for breath.


Know what sort of control you need:

Shapewears come in degrees of control. Choose light to medium control shapewear for everyday and wear high control shapewear for special occasions.


Choose the colour wisely:

Shapewears usually come in 3 colours- black, beige/nude and white. Try avoiding white. Black and beige shapewear goes with every outfit.


Test your new outfits with your shapewear:

When you go to buy new outfits, take your shapewear with you so that you get the exact size of outfit.


Pick the right fabric:

Consider the fabric of your outer clothes. Cotton may cling to a hosiery-type shaper, Adams says, so opt for shapewear of a slicker fabric, like a polyester/spandex blend. Clothing fabric such as silk or clingy jersey requires seamless shapewear to make it invisible.


Pick the right style:

Different types of shapewears go with different type of outfit.

If you plan to wear a full length gown, wear a bodysuit shapewear like Swee Lycra Solid Shapewear.

Infact, bodysuit is something that goes with almost everything that’s below knee length. Be it Jeans, a gown or a midi, bodysuit is your knight in shining armour! It’s a MUST HAVE shapewear!

 Remember! Confidence comes from within. And a shapewear can work magically in giving you that confident glow as you move ahead with your day. Find the one that is made for you at LovzMe online store or shopping app and avail huge discounts. Now!