Gone are those days, when lingerie was supposed to be something to be kept hidden. During that time, a plain white, cotton lingerie was the only option. Sadly, even today some ladies go only & strictly only for basic cotton bras. No doubt that these basic bras are comfortable. But its 2018, a comfortable lingerie that is not fashionable is too cliché in this era.  So here is the list of 4 must have, ultra-fashionable & practical bras that every lady must have in her wardrobe.

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  1. T-Shirt/ Seamless/ Contour Bra:

This style goes by all the three names. The most amazing thing that these sorts of bras do is that they go invisible underneath your cloths. The cups of such bra always hold their shape, even when breasts aren’t in them, and are made on a mold of thicker materials that provide great nipple coverage — a common concern for many women.

You can find these types of bras in various options of coverage, wiring, straps.

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  1. Underwired Bra:

These bras have a wire circled around the base of the breast to keep them anchored to the chest. They give you an amazing lift as well as support. While some women may love the supportive feel, some may not like it. If you are from the first category, then look for underwire that is double- or triple-wrapped inside casings for more comfort. You can find underwire Bra in various levels of coverage, and padding.

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  1. The Strapless Bras:

As the name suggests, these bras are made to be worn under strapless dress. These usually come with silicon inner lining to ensure no-slip feature.

  1. Convertible Bras:

Convertible bras can also supplement for Strapless Bras. These bras give you the option of experimenting with the straps. You can choose to go halter neck, cross back, single strap or strapless. But while choosing the perfect convertible bra make sure that there is a silicon lining to avoid any oops moment.

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Next week we will update you about more “must-have” bras. Happy Shopping!

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