Gone are those days, when lingerie was supposed to be something to be kept hidden. During that time, a plain white, cotton lingerie was the only option. Sadly, even today some ladies go only & strictly only for basic cotton bras. No doubt that these basic bras are comfortable. But its 2018, a comfortable lingerie that is not fashionable is too cliché in this era.  So here is the list of 3 more must have, ultra-fashionable & practical bras that every lady must have in her wardrobe. Read our previous list of 5 must have bras >> Types Of Bra That You Must Have.

  1. Sports Bra: 
    Our Pick: Sonari Sports Bra. Buy here.

    Choose a nice sports bra for the hours that you work hard on your body. There are different bras for different intensity of workout. To know more about Sports bra, read our dedicated post on Sports Bra: 5 Tips To Help You Choose Your Perfect Sports Bra.

  2. Backless Bra:
    These bras are especially designed for your backless gowns, dresses & cholis.There are two types of backless bras: Stick-on and with transparent back strap.

    While Stick-on bras look more appealing, those may be harmful for your skin. We personally recommend the transparent back strap, because it serves the purpose plus it is comfortable too.

    Our Pick: Lovable Confi – 43 Backless Bra. Buy here.
  3. Bandeau Bra: 
    Our Pick: Tweens Bandeau Bra. Buy here.

    It’s a cross between strapless bra and a tube. Usually made with a stretchable fabric, this bra is more casual in comparison to the classy strapless bra. You can match your deep-neck tops or see-through shirts with these comfortable bras.

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