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Bra Online Shopping

Do you remember your first bra? That moment when you realized that your girls were getting more attention than you were, and you were taken shopping by your Mum to buy what we termed in school back then as brasserie. Although you might be tempted to get a fitting at a department store or a lingerie shop, it’s still good to opt for bra online shopping because you’ll get a better deal.

Furthermore, if you don’t live close to an independent lingerie boutique, don’t worry… LOVZme is the only clothing brand India that makes bra online shopping easier than ever with great customer service. After all, it takes some trial and error to find the perfect bra.

We firmly believe that everyone who wants it deserves a beautiful, comfortable, well-fitting bra. And we don’t believe that needing a perfect fitting bra means you have to resign yourself to plain bras in boring shades of beige. We suspect many of you feel the same way. So, here we come the only clothing brand India with tons of pretty bras in vibrant colors, fresh prints and fashionable designs.

We carry band sizes 28-42 and cup sizes A-D. Apart from the world of full figured bra online shopping, we also have a junior’s line for teenagers or beginners featuring bright prints and colorful fabrics. Also, we have a huge variation in brands including Alishan, Candyskin, Clovia, Daisy Dee, Innersense, Lovable, and SOIE.

Bras have to be functional above all and so there’s a definite emphasis on the practicality of the design, but the lace styles in particular offer a bit of delicacy to balance the necessary structural support. We shine when it comes to mature, understated basics and staples. Our look is sophisticated, not twee. 

Size Is Everything

The number one rule of buying a bra is finding a right size to ensure a good fit. Period. If the size isn’t right, it won’t fit well and it won’t perform well. And we all know the importance of performance both in ourselves and in our bra! As such you need to measure yourself carefully before you start.

1. Measuring Your Underbust:

Ideally, measure yourself while you are not wearing a bra. Stand straight with your arms hanging casually by our side. The tape should sit directly under your breasts, be horizontal all the way around and be snug, but loose enough that you can fit two fingers underneath. This measurement is your Underbust.

2. Measuring Your Overbust:

Standing straight measure horizontally around the fullest part of your bust. The tape should not be too tight resting lightly on your body. Make sure the tape is straight across your back and parallel to the floor. This measurement is your Overbust. Put the two together in LOVZme Fit Calculator and you are away!

Your bra also affects how well your clothes fit your body. A common misconception with your bra is that it is the same for every outfit. This is not always correct. Each type of bra is designed differently. So let’s get started with the list!

Bras Bras and More Bras:

  • Pushup Bra: Generally push up bras are padded, making your breasts appear bigger, and due to their design they are a popular choice for small breasted women. 
  • Plunge Bra: Want to avoid embarrassing bra peaks? Go for these plunge bras. It has demi-coverage cups that cover one-third of the breasts, hence the name Demi bras. Looks good on low- or V-neckline dresses.
  • Saree Bra: Sarees always look great on girls/women but a wrong bra can ruin the look. So set out on your saree bra online shopping tour with LOVZme that can be a savior for all of women. Your saree bra online shopping india tour with us will guarantee you an amazing sexy look.
  • Sports Bra: While doing any physical activity, a sports bra is the best choice. And depending on your activity you can choose from low to high impact sports bras.
  • T-shirt Bra: A t-shirt bra has a seamless look under a fitted shirt. These come with moulded protection, sometimes underwired, but not necessarily padded. Also gives plenty of support when you’re wearing the thinnest tees and gives a minimized look, hence best for daily use.
  • Maternity Bra: As a blessing to new moms, we also carry Maternity/Nursing bras. They have a flap at the cups providing easy access while feeding your newborn. Woven in breathable cotton, these bras make mothers feel comfortable during the time of breast tenderness.
  • Multistyle Bra: Also known as Convertible bra, this is the master of all bras out there. You can multistyle your look as this bra allows you to go with one-strap, two-straps, halter neck, criss-cross or cross-shoulder and even strapless as it has detachable straps.
  • Bralette: These bras are really easy to wear and usually non-padded and non-wired. Suitable for small and medium breasts, you can wear bralettes like crop tops or with any transparent or backless outfits.
  • Plus Size Bra: It can be tricky to find bras in bigger sizes, especially when doing bra online shopping. That’s why we have a great variety of plu-size bras in a range of sizes, designs and styles.
  • Strapless Bra: Revealing clothes and bra straps simply don’t go together. Plunging necklines, backless tops, off-the-neck gowns call for strapless bras.
  • Balconette Bra: Balconette bra is easily identifiable by its wide-set straps resembling a balcony (now you know from where its name is derived). You can wear these types of bras with wide neck tops, sarees, salwar suits on any occasion.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive for bra online shopping; other names that aren’t included here include Stick On bra, Tube bra,... just to name a few. Hopefully, this short little directory helps to put you in touch with bra online shopping that may work for you. Get up & Shop Nonstop @LOVZme!


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