You are a new mother, and your body must be going through many changes. One of which is the changing sizes of your breasts. So how to get the best nursing bra while your body is changing ALL THE TIME?

Don’t worry! LovzMe is here to guide you about the best nursing bra.

The best bra is the one that gives you the best fit even with the changes & keeps it easy for you to nurse your baby at any moment.

How Exactly Do You Get A Good Fit?

The first thing you need to do is to measure your current best fit. Use LovzMe fit calculator to check your correct size.

Once you have your measurements you can find the perfect nursing bra. The biggest difference between a nursing bra & a regular bra is that a nursing bra has cups that can either fold down or off to the side to expose breast for feeding the baby. New mothers need nursing bras that give easy access to nursing, look good & fit great.

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Poor Fitting Bra 

A bad fitting bra can lead you to the risk of various problems like the plugged ducts that can lead to mastitis (a painful breast infection). Most women do not buy the right size nursing bra. Most will try to guess & will come up with the wrong measurements. Most increase the band size & keep the same cup size. Normally though, it is not the band size that needs increasing but the cup size.

If the normal band size is too tight & uncomfortable, then increase it. The cup size increases from one to three or more cup sizes when a woman is breastfeeding.


To be comfortable in your nursing bra, you need to aim for a bra that is absorbent (to prevent any leak) & a bra that fits well without hindering milk production & flow.

You need a nursing bra with band & straps made of fabric that doesn’t stretch. The only part of bra that should stretch are the cups to accommodate the changing bust size of moms.

Adjustable Bands

The best nursing bra comes with adjustable bands. Best option is to go for cotton & cotton blends. You can choose Lycra for stretchiness.

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