Ladies love to experiment with their bra on different occasions but somehow we end up with same old boring panties for years. Now it’s the time to change it. Do you know there are plenty of styles of panties with which you can experience a whole new world of style & comfort? LovzMe brings to you 3 more top style of panties that every lady must have in her wardrobe. (You can find previous 3 styles at “Must Have Panty Styles“)

Let’s look at next 3 panty styles:

  1. Bikini Panty:
    These are a little more covering than thong and can be worn under body hugging dresses to give a no-panty look.
Our Pick: Clovia full coverage boyshorts. Buy now.
  1. Oh-so-comfy Boyshorts:
    These are probably the best type of panties ever made by humans. Ultra comfortable, full coverage and an every-day saviour for female, this product is something that you can match with anything, be it your jeans, formal wear or that super- short skirt.
Our Pick: Madam Tummy Tucker Panty. Buy now.
  1. Tummy Tucker Panty:
    We absolutely love bodyshapers, they work like magic. But let’s admit it! Wearing a bodysuit beneath your dress, every single day, isn’t comfortable at all. So what should be done? You can easily flatten your tummy area for that smooth look by wearing a tummy tucker panty. These panties come with a broad elastic band than smoothens your tummy area for a sleek look.


Now that you know the 6 must have panties, maybe you should start adding them up in your wardrobe.! Explore more at LovzMe.

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