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Everyday bra

Is it a lot to ask for something that’s supportive, comfortable and attractive? We don’t think so. The good news is that your options are broader than you think. LOVZme is a real frontrunner in making luxury-feeling everyday bra at affordable prices, with modern styles that are as sexy as they are functional. 

We believe that an everyday bra shouldn’t just be saved for a special occasion, but rather comfortable and supportive enough to wear any day of the week. While considering comfort as well as pocket-friendly wears, everyday bras from LOVZme guarantees smoothness and proper finish as well. 

Here’s The Deal

Depending on the bra style, the padding may vary. In some designs, bras come without the pad, but it still holds the breast tissue firmly that could lead to no sagging further. On the other hand, the padded bra comes with a matt finish and gives the feel of polyamide that would be soft to the skin and ensures no nipple show-through due to 2.5mm padding.

Whether it’s padded, comes with wire or non-padded, one could find the suitable one easily among our range of everyday bras. Due to polycotton fabrication, these bras make your inner self beautiful.

Lovable everyday bra is acclaimed for the best shape, fit and comfort provided by them. They are also known for their quality and durability. Besides, we are coupled with a wide array of styles and colors to cater to the mood and choice of Indian women of all ages. Some other popular brands we offer include Alishan, Clovia, Candyskin, Daisy Dee, Lovable, Maroon, Sonari

For women with larger breasts, we recommend the full-coverage everyday bra that’s invisible under anything. Available in multiple sizes, it comes in great colors, many colors. The cup is super smooth and there’s also a wireless version that gives a lot of support.

Girl, we got you covered

So, whether you’re looking for something to pair with that cute new underwear you just bought or you’re tired of fidgeting around with your ill-fitting bra all-day, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our exclusive array of everyday bra and we are sure you’ll find your goldilocks here!

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