Babydolls have been around for a long time. It’s one of the all-time-favourite of the world. But with so many options in the market, it becomes a task to find the perfect babydoll for your body & need.

We are here to help you clear all the dilemmas that you may have about babydolls.


Now this may seem like the easiest choice to make, but there are some factors that you should be considering. You need to know what type of look are you looking for?

For an elegant look, choose deep jewel colors like Blue, Wine etc.


The Elegant Satin Babydoll by Mystere Paris. Buy Now.

If you want an innocent look, go for pastel colours like Carrot, Sea Green etc.

The Subtle Satin Babydoll by Klamotten. Buy Here.

For a more dominating look, colours like Black, Red etc do the best trick.

The Sexy Red Babydoll by Sona. Buy Here.




Babydolls come in a huge range of fabric. There is sheer, printed, silk, & velvet babydolls available to name a few. Additional to these, you will also get baby with varying trims & embellishments, like fur, feathers or beads. So if you are looking just for comfort, go for basic silk babydolls, but if you want to enhance any specific part of your body, go for the babydolls with embellishments around that specific areas.

Lace Embellished Babydoll by American-Elm. Buy Here.

The Skirt:

The trademark of a babydoll is its skirt. You can play around with the styles of the skirts to find the perfect fit for you. Variations in the skirt length makes it easy to find the perfect fit for body & shape.

If you have long legs that you want to show-off, opt for skirt that stops in the middle of the butt region. If you have short legs, you may think a longer skirt is best, but in reality it may make you appear shorter & thick. You should also go for shorter skirt length.

The Bodice:

Now this one is easy. It all depends on your breast size. If you are heavy breasted, you should go for bodice that has under-wire & added support. If small breasted, you would want the babydoll with padded cups to enhance your cleavage. Babydolls with details on the breast area can also help to create an attractive look & shape.

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