Ladies love to experiment with their bra on different occasions but somehow we end up with same old boring panties for years. Now it’s the time to change it. Do you know there are plenty of styles of panties with which you can experience a whole new world of style & comfort? LovzMe brings to you top style of panties that every lady must have in her wardrobe. So let’s begin:

  1. Regular Hipster Panties:
    Our Pick: C9 Cotton hipster Panty. Buy now.

These are basic, every day, comfortable panty that you must already be having in your wardrobe. They come in various waist options like – high-waist, low-waist, mid-waist. If, by any chance this is not a part of your lingerie collection then make sure you add it to your list.

Our Pick: C9 Seamless Panty. Buy now
  1. Invisible Seamless Panties:

Body hugging dresses are totally in fashion currently, but choosing the right underwear for it becomes a challenge. You wouldn’t want to spoil the look of your expensive dress because of peeking panty seams. Seamless panties are a MUST MUST MUST have in your wardrobe, especially if you are a fashion conscious person.



  1. Sexy Thongs:
    Our Pick: Clovia Thong. Buy now.

Want to get something sexy for that special night, but not sure? Grab a thong for yourself! No matter what, the sexiness of a thong is unbeatable. The difference between a normal panty and a thong is that a normal panty gives you full coverage from the back, whereas a thong is barely there at the back. It’s not just sexy, but it has it’s own utility too. You can match your thong with a body hugging dress to get that no seam, no panty look.

Keep checking this space for more panty styles. 

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