We all have a favorite white shirt in our wardrobe because it is a universal style-go-go. It goes with all the trousers, skirts, jeans & jackets. But styling it with the proper lingerie is a big concern for almost all of us. For a long period of time humankind, including us, have considered white Bra as the perfect match for white shirts. While nude can create a wrong silhouette, the outline of white bra pops in under white shirt, & till now we were just not able to avoid it. But not anymore!

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As per a new research, red bra doesn’t show up under white shirt. It’s surprising that this color is invisible under white shirt in spite of being contrast. As per science, the reason for this that our skin has red undertones & hence the red color blends well beneath the white shirt.

Now the question is that which shade of red should you go for? This depends upon your complexion.

If you have fair skin tone, then you should go for red coloured bra. People with darker skin tone should choose shades from scarlet to burgundy while people with olive complexions should opt for cranberry hues.

But make sure that the red tones are true & doesn’t have purple & pink tones.

Try this trick. We think it’s time to make red bra the everyday staple in our wardrobe.


Happy Shopping!

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