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The Only Shapewear for Women You’ll Ever Need!

Ugh, shapewear for women! We know it best as the annoying lingerie item that tries to keep all your squishy body bits looking tight, while making it hard to breathe. We also agree that every woman is beautiful irrespective of her shape and body size. But, what’s the harm in showing some self-love by beautifying your figure, girls? So why not grab the best shapewear for women for yourself? For every woman out there, shapewear has emerged as an essential wardrobe item to eliminate all the unwanted bulges and lumps to boost their confidence. Shapewear for women can be worn to work, as long as it’s not bothering you. It helps you feel more confident and can boost your self-esteem. 

Selecting the right shapewear for women might seem like a tough choice, but LOVZme has you covered with amazing solutions to any trouble spots or unwanted curves you want to smooth out.  But is any of it actually comfortable and practical to wear? Here’s how to find it out:

  • First is the panty line test. Don tight dresses and try to see if your photographer is able to capture any panty lines.
  • Second competition is the pee test. Just see how quickly you can get out of your shapewear in order to use the bathroom.
  • Aaaand the last is a sweat test! Use your sweat to see if you could get any tattoos to stay on without water. 
  • A quick waist and hip measurement can help you make sure you’re looking at the right size. Going down a shapewear size, however, won’t help you zip yourself into a smaller dress. Instead, that might make you look bigger because it can cause bulges and can be uncomfortable. 

Our shapewear products will definitely make you forget about your muffin tops and love handles. These shapewear for women will make your dream of having a perfectly proportioned and curvy waist come true. From high-waist control shapewear for tummy to full shapewear bodysuit, you can have the shapewear of your choice to achieve the perfect figure.  We at LOVZme offer different types such as tummy tucking shorts, leggings and saree shapewears to target various problem areas of the body. So, here goes the list of the best shapewear for women from the best selling brands in India to choose from: 

·        Shaping Bodysuit:

These shaping bodysuits slim the hips and hold in the stomach, but they can also flatten your chest, like a sports bra. New styles have an open bust that actually lifts your breasts (you wear it with a separate bra). When you try this shapewear for women, the overall effect is smoothing and it doesn’t create bulges in new spots, like where the seam hit your thigh. Some come with padding, some use panels that lift your rear others have cut-outs. This style gives you the liberty to wear your own bra while giving you an all-over smoothing benefits along with its midsection panel giving you extra support.

·        Tummy Tucker:

These are like tummy reduction belts that exert firm compression on fat bulges around the abdomen and waist to immediately give a flat belly look. Its firm grip supports the abdominal muscles that sag, bulge and loosen up. It’s the best tummy tucker for a big tummy after C-section delivery, hence its usage is popular among new mothers. Its tightness helps in prevention of sliding upwards and slipping down from its position during movement. They are made up of lightweight, skin-hugging polyamide and elastane material that is comfortable  to wear throughout the day during all seasons. The fabric being soft and breathable allows unrestricted movements wherever you go. Seamlessness is the key that makes them most preferred by everyone. They go well with almost all kinds of outfits, whether ethnic or western with utmost perfection. Also they are available in all sizes including S, M, L and XL.

·        Saree Shapewear:

Look like a hot model in sarees with LOVZme shapewear for saree which is bound to flatter your flaws and flaunt your curves in the best way possible. We bet our ace quality saree shapewear will appeal you completely. The breathable spandex fabric will keep you comfortable all day and be ready to get appreciative glances. Forget your worries about muffin top, love handles with our saree shapewear collection and welcome a sleek, svelte body. Saree shapewear can be  a great alternative to old traditional cotton petticoats. Apart from this, these shapewear for women come with a seamless waistband that holds the saree perfectly in place. A side slit at the hemline adds to the ease of movement. If you’re new to the saree shapewear concept  and not sure which one to opt, we bring you handpicked saree shapewears at unbeatable prices.

·        Shaping Panties:

Shaping panties can help eliminate panty lines and slim down your thighs, hips, rear and even your stomach. If you are looking for sleeker thighs, choose the boyshort cut — just make sure that the leg bands don’t cut into your skin. If you are not looking for help in the thigh region — a brief cut can create a more seamless look. To tighten your abdomen, choose from our high-waisted styles with a panel that covers your stomach. Have a look at our rear-enhancing panties, too. There are also high-waist shapewear panties for tummy and hip toning. Cushioned waistband ensures that it stays upon the natural waistline tightly and doesn’t roll down, whereas the back seam supports, lifts and shapes the hips. Tucks the tummy properly without compromising on the comfort and movement.

·        Shaping Leggings and Tracks:

These sleek and slick leggings are slimming and make an ordinary outfit instantly more edgy, while the tracks turn the edge up further with its textured seams. Though you would expect the styles to be uncomfortable or restrictive, they’re quite stretchy and have control tops. The stretchy knit seamless shapewear leggings are an attractive legging basic that you’ll default to on the weekends, but won’t feel ashamed to wear out of the apartment. You can choose options that slim the whole leg, or the thighs, rear, hips and waist. They smooth out panty lines and there are butt-boosting styles. 

·        Shaping Camisole:

Shaping camisoles are great because they can be worn under clothes to provide light slimming through the torso. They feature a compression panel through the middle section, so you feel firmly yet comfortably held in place all day. It also helps to regulate body temperature. These camis feature molded cups for support and adjustable straps so that it can work under any type of dress. This isn’t just about the tummy, this camisole is designed to shape midriff, tummy and back. Finally, you’ll love that this firm control shaping camisole doesn’t ride up during the course of wearing it! Available in different sizes and colors, step in and out of this shapewear for women for easy on and off.

·        Stocking:

Stockings date back to the 1590’s have never been out of fashion. Emerging as innerwear, they have become an essential way to flaunt the legs as well. Well, LOVZme brings you a fashion scrapbook with stockings shapewear for women. You can wear them to give a flattering look and show some skin with a peek-a-boo factor. Very much in vogue with the young girls, these stockings curl up at the thighs giving right curves to thighs and hips. They are not too delicate to handle but look delicate when they are on. Go on and check these super durable stockings that smooth you out, but do not tear, run or break.

Get your hands on the perfect shapewear for women from LOVZme that will smoothen your curves and make you look like a bomb. Be your maxi gowns, bodycon or sexy blouse, our shapewear online will amp up your style game.

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