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Sports bra for women

Can’t I Just Wear Whatever Bra I Have On?

Well, you could, but should you? Many of us have had the experience of rushing to the gym without throwing on a proper sports bra for women. But then what happened? 

We got to the gym, or the track, or the court or whatever and found that things just weren’t holding up. Maybe we were constantly adjusting straps as they slid off on our shoulders. Or we got hot and sticky from the perspiration pileup happening between our pair. Awkward! Now, we don’t even need to tell you that you need a sports bra for women.

Good Sports Bra for Women Code of Conduct

  • Does not chafe
  • Gives ample support for your specific sport
  • Does not allow the ladies to overflow, spill or slide out
  • Keeps you dry and cool
  • Makes you feel secure and confident

Shopping for a sports bra for women can be surprisingly hard. There are so many different shapes, tiers of support and fabrics, and as with any workout gear, the wrong combination of fit and fabric can spell disaster. To minimize the guesswork as much as possible, we have come up with the best sports bras for women for every purpose and fit. 

Supportive Sports Bra for Women

The nylon and polyester construction moves with you, but won’t stretch out and lose its shape. This sports bra for women comes with light padding and provides ample support in low- and medium-intensity workouts.

Absolute Best Sports Bra for Every Workout

These bras have a number of thoughtful details that make it more fun than your average sports bra for women. Wide mesh straps give support without looking clunky or dooming you to harsh tan lines. The neckline keeps everything in place while the cotton blended panels offer a playful peek of cleavage. It comes in the medium-support range, meaning you can do pilates or yoga in it, but it won’t minimize bouncing from running or jumping.

If You Really Just Want A Snug: 

Rather than wrestling the fabric over your head, you can create the perfect chafe-free fit. The soft and adjustable straps fit snugly but aren't so tight that you can’t breathe properly. 

Sports Bra for Ultra-Sweaty Workouts

This sports bra for women is made from polycotton material that wicks away sweat in even the most humid conditions. But it offers a little more support for higher intensity workouts like choreographed spin classes or HIIT. The best part about this sports bra, however, is the way it doesn’t stain no matter how sweaty you get. 

From minimal to full-support sports bras for women; our collection is designed to celebrate Your unique style and body type during workout.


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