We all love Lingerie. It makes us feel beautiful, gives us the confidence & snuggles us during our hard days. But are you giving your lingerie the same love that they give you? Most of the people ignore their lingerie & store them improperly, which eventually decreases the life of the product. Here is how you should store your lingerie:


Don’t just throw your lingerie in the wardrobe. Fold them properly, to keep them in shape for longer.

Bra: Fold Bra in half, and then straighten the cup. Put one cup inside another. Next, fold the straps & put them in the hollow of the cup.

Panties: Lay your panty on a flat surface, fold up the crotch area, and fold each side of the waist band inward.


Lingerie Drawer:

Dedicate a drawer to you lingerie. Align you lingerie in the drawer in a way that the shape of the bra is intact.



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Use hangers with clips to store your Lingerie. It will prevent bras from getting creases or folds.



While travelling, make sure you use a different bag for your lingerie so that the hooks & clips don’t mess-up with your other clothes. For padded bra, use the bra-case.


Love your lingerie the way it loves you. Happy Shopping!

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