Firm breasts are considered to be a sign of a female’s youth. But there comes a time when a female starts to suffer from saggy breasts. It’s a common myth that only age is the factor that affects your breast’s firmness. But in reality, there are many other reasons that make you lose your youthful appearance. Apart from age, factors like: unhealthy weight loss, smoking, breast feeding, lack of frequent massages, improper bra support fasten your otherwise natural sagging process.

Yes, you read it right! A bra with improper support or ill-fitting can also fasten the process of sagging!

How to choose a bra to delay sagging?

  • Choose the bra that fits your properly. Take help of fit calculator before you buy a bra! Make sure that you don’t have back bulges or side or front spillages. If you get any of these, just recalculate your fit.
  • Don’t wear bra too tight, you may have found your right fit, but wearing it tight by adjusting the belts and hooks, can also fasten the sagging. Also notice that your body goes through various changes each month. These changes revolve around your periods. Your usual, rightly- fitted bra may get tight depending upon the same!
  • Now, you can try with various styles once in a while, but for regular use, stick to the type of bra that gives you maximum support. Remember, more the support, longer will be the time till when the firmness remains.

Try bras like Daisy Dee Super Shapers Accents. Its broad band and belts will give you perfect support and grip and will keep your breasts in shape for longer time.

How to choose a bra after sagging?

Sagging can lead to a fall in confidence in a woman. But don’t worry even if sagging has already happened, you can still get a lift with the right bra.

A bra that gives you a proper lift from bottom and side to create an image of fuller look is something that you should be looking for.

Our Pick: Daisy Dee Super Shaper Enhance. Buy it now.

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