What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Summer”? It would be mangoes, ice cream, pool parties, beers, lemonades. But to enjoy all these, you need to be comfortable & fashionable from inside, and for that you need the right choice of lingerie that keeps you in shape, breezy & cool. LovzMe brings to you three types of Lingerie that you must have in your summer wardrobe:

Our Pick: Tweens Seamless Bra. Buy here.



Smooth, Seamless

The seamless & sleek lingerie comes in various colors along with the basic black, white & nude. You can wear them in matching sets or mix & match as per your mood – the choice is yours.



Our Pick: Clovia Lace Bra. Buy Here.


Airy, Lacy

Lace can be your best friend during summers as it makes your innerwear breezy, and its sexy to flaunt them once in a while from beneath your sheer dresses.


Our Pick: Centra Vintage Bra. Buy Here.



Vintage, Cotton

The vintage Cotton bras are the ultra-comfortable lingerie that you must invest in for this summer. Vintage Lingerie come with seams & broad waist bands that give you high support as you enjoy you summers. The cotton is easy on your skin & ensures that you are far away from any summer rashes.

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