One resolution that everyone takes on New Year is to hit the gym more frequently. We know working out is important for a healthy lifestyle. Importance of proper work-out clothes can just not be ignored. We spend good amount of bucks to get that perfect pair of active wear to help us in the gym, then why to ignore the undergarments? People usually ignore them, but these are the most important piece of clothing while you are in your active mode. So, here are certain tips to help you choose the perfect sports bra and to help you improve your focus and comfort during your gym time.

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Tip#1: Decide the intensity. 

First and foremost, you need to decide the intensity of the work out that you undergo. Low & medium intensity work-outs include, yoga, stretches etc, and high intensity work-outs include cardio, kick boxing etc. The choice of your bra will depend upon the intensity of your activity. Compression sports bra works well for low & medium intensity work-outs, while for high intensity work-outs, you would want to get yourself an encapsulated sports bra.

So what is the difference between the two?

A compression Sports Bra is compressed the breast against the chest wall, they don’t have cups built into design. But an encapsulated sports bra has cups inbuilt to provide sufficient space to the breasts.

Tip#2: Moisture wicking fabric.

Work-out & sweat comes hand in hand, and with sweat comes chaffing. Make sure that the fabric of your bra is moisture wicking to help you reduce the amount of sweat and hence chaffing.


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Tip#3: Don’t sacrifice on Support.

If you have bigger bust, opt for something that provides good support in the form of broader shoulder straps. Choose a bra that has more cushioning for proper support & comfort while you are in your active mode. In fact, regardless of your breast size some of the best sports bras are those that have been designed with side panels and added layers as they offer far more support, and therefore comfort.

Tip#4: Test it out.

When you buy a new sport bra, make sure you test it at home to avoid any serious wardrobe malfunctions in the gym.

How to do that?

Wear your new bra and do some stretches & lifts at home to see if it works well for you. If your bust spills out over the top of the bra, or if your breasts escape from the bottom while you lift, then you need to get you bra exchanged.

Tip#5: Smile wrinkles are cute, cup wrinkles are not.

Loose cups may look breathy and comfortable at first, but a sports bra with loose cups can do enough harm for you regret later on. Ill-fitted sports bra can lead to saggy breasts, which you would not want, we are sure! If your cups have wrinkles, you need to get a bra smaller in size. But be sure that the new one is not too tight, else it can cause discomfort & even breathing difficulties while working out.


Bonus Tip: Encapsulated Sports bras are fantastic.

As per experts, an encapsulated bra is the best deal that you can make while looking for new sports bra. The separate cups for breasts reduce bounce and offer better support than regular sports bra.

We stress a lot upon the importance of proper sports bra for majorly 2 reasons. One, you don’t want to injure the ligaments and tissues of your chest, and second, because you don’t want to divert you focus from work-out to your wobbling bosoms. Explore more sports bra at

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