Panties are one of the most essential piece of clothing on your body. They snuggle you, take care of any oops moments that may happen. And you need to take care of them to make sure tat your panties keep snuggling you.


Fill the sink with cold or lukewarm water. Soak you lingerie for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Make sure that the water isn’t warm as it can break down the elastics of your panties & make them shrink, but cold water can bring the panty to its original shape.

After 45 minutes to 1 hour, pour a little amount of detergent (about one teaspoon) & gently rub the fabric together to remove stains & spots.

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Use mild detergent to clean your panty collection. Never use washing machine detergent or any product that contains bleach as these are very harsh on your delicate panties.


Rinse your panties well in cold water. Make sure to rinse to remove any trace of soap on the panties.

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Don’t twist your panties to wring them out, instead finish by gently dry them inside a soft towel.

Lay your panty flat on a towel & then lay another towel over it. Press to remove any excess water.

Then, let you panty lay flat against the towel to dry.

Don’t hang your panty to dry as it may stretch & be ruined.


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 Washing Machine:

Ideally, you should always hand-wash you panties, but on days when you don’t have time, you can use washing machine to wash your panties.

When using the washing machine, always place your panties in a mesh bag or a knotted pillow case to avoid tearing. Make sure that you put like colours together, else you may end up getting rainbow coloured panties.

Use gentle detergent in cold water, & put your washing machine on delicate cycle. Never put your panties in the dryer after washing the,

Follow the drying steps listed above.

Wait! Did we mention to never put your panties in the dryer?

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