Bras: They come in various styles & shapes. But we all have one style that’s our all-time favorite & no matter what, we can’t stop choosing it over others every time we are buying new lingerie for us. It may be about the way it makes us look, or the comfort, but do you know that your favorite bra can reveal you personality too? Let’s see what your favorite bra says about you:


Lovable Non-Wired Push-up Bra- Confi-48. Buy Here.

Push Up Bra.

A push up bra is excellent for ladies, it gives them the flexibility of deciding the extent to which you are comfortable flaunting your assets.

If push-up bra is your favourite then you are someone who likes being in-charge and taking control of your life when you want to. You are someone who is goal-oriented & driven by passion. You like making your decisions without any fear or favour. You are your own boss & you decide what you want to do & what not. Your strength is your fierce independence & that is what sets you apart from the rest.




Clovia Padded Bra. Buy Here.

Padded Bra.

Padded bras are amazingly cozy. They provide a good balance between comfort & style. Their usability is high as you can wear them in your day-to-day life & on a variety of occasions.

If padded bra is your choice then you are someone who is very particular about who you are & what you want to be in life. You don’t seek to impress others, but work to reach your standards that you have set for yourself. You like to balance life & harmony. You choice reflects your inclination towards being perfect.



Daisy Dee Non-Padded Bra-Lulu. Buy Here.


Non-padded Bra.

These are the simple bras that do exactly what they are supposed o do without much fuss. These bras are perfect for those who are comfortable being what you are. If this bra is your choice, it means that you are someone who loves being themselves in every situation. You don’t care about what others think of you & you don’t bother to impress others. You have a unique personality & you are proud to flaunt it. You don’t need help from outside & hence you are driven by your own sense of purpose.




Little Lacy Underwired bra. Buy Here.

Underwired Bra.

Underwired bras are an excellent choice for those ladies who need support from the below. These bra halp in distributing the weight & prevent the strain on back & shoulder.

If underwired bra is your favourite then you may be someone who sometime needs external support to be yourself. This doesn’t mean that you are not independent but you look for external perspectives as well so that you make the best choices in your life. You take other’s opinions to broaden your own sense of understanding before making your own choice. You listen to all but do what you feel is right.



Tweens Full Cup Bra. Buy here.

 Full Cup Bra.

These are snug, cozy & comfy to wear. They are amazing for your daily activities as they provide great support. If this is your bra, then you are someone who has a wholesome approach to life & the way to live it.

You always look at the bigger picture. The small issues of life doesn’t affect you as you know there is always something better to do & greater to achieve. You believe in making a mark & being remembered for things that are truly beautiful. You have a dream that you nurture & your inner-self pushes you to reach it.




Lovable Demi-Cup Bra. Buy here.

Demi-cup Bra.

This bra is one of the elegant choice. The half cups & widely set straps are comfortable yet stylish & are excellent for your day to day wear.

If this is your favourite bra then you are someone who is cool & comfortable in your skin. You know exactly who you are & are very well aware of your strengths & weaknesses. You never hide behind your weaknesses. Your bold personality comes out of your self-confidence & this self-belief is your greatest quality.




Lovable Multi-Way Bra. Buy here.

Multi-way Bra.

Multiway bras have the benefit of being used in different ways depending upon your comfort level, cloths & activities that you are planning to engage in. It gives you the option of changing the style based on the situation & that’s what it is very practical.

If this is your choice, then you are someone who is extremely good at understanding the situation & adapting accordingly. You know your strengths & change your actions based on the needs of the situation – & that is a rare trait to possess. You understand the value of discretion & you can be a great diplomat if you want to be.



Floret T-Shirt Bra. Buy here.

T-shirt Bra.

These are extremely comfortable & practical for day-to-day wear. They are casual & hassle-free. Just wear them & forget as you continue with your day.

If this is your choice, then you are very efficient person by nature. You are practical, driven & interested in being productive. Your acts speak louder than your words & your faith in inner beauty make you even more beautiful person. You are someone who is known for her intelligent – & that is a beautiful quality to have.


Whatever your unique personality is, LovzMe has every matching bra for it. Happy Shopping!


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